14 1/2" x 8 1/2"


The advertised show in 1833 is given by C. Stettler and Comp. who followed Swiss artist, F.R. König as owners of his Diaphanoramas after he died in 1832. The show which took place over two nights contained 40 transparent paintings including:


Farmhouse from the Bern vicinity

The City of Bern in moonlight

Cowherd’s hut on the great Scheidek Alp

St Jacob’s Day bonfire on the Lake of Brienzer

The interior of Berne farmer’s room

Prayers at the Chapel on Zuger Lake

Schadau Castle near Thun

The area of Interlaken

Rigi-Kulm at sundown



Diafanorama or Gallery Of Transparent Pictures




17 1/2" x 11"


Part of the broadside describes the show of 30 large and 20 small transparent paintings which includes:


1. The Tuileries and bridge of Louis XIV in Paris.

2. The chateau and colonnade at St Cloud, a suburb of Paris.

3. The palace and park at Vesailles, with fountains.

4. The town of Lausanne under a starry sky.

5. A view of the town of Gens from the side of Mont Blanc.

6. A second view of the mountain road at Interlaken.

7. The town of St Gall.

8. The upper Reichenbach falls in Gars valley.